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Halu Halo Mixtape on Dating and Relationships, where we share our experiences of lurve and dating as mixed-race women. Shit got deep!

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“I hope he doesn’t hurt you or convince you that you are less than you are. I pray you never put a silencer on your gut feelings. And whatever happens, remember: his attempt to diminish your strength is a sign of his weakness, not yours.”

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This film is intended to be a wake-up call for all women; for women of colour to unapologetically speak out about their experiences and for mainstream feminism to listen up.

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“It made me feel like I could be reading about almost every sexual encounter I had up to my late 20s.” A girlfriend and I were sharing our reflections on “Cat Person”, the short story that has sent tongues wagging and keyboards tapping since it was published in the New Yorker […]

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“I walk around with my keys through my fingers like Wolverine”

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